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FET, Sperm Freezing

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FET – Transfer Frozen Embryo

Freezing extra embryos increases the opportunity to achieve a pregnancy as a result of a single egg retrieval procedure. If a pregnancy does not occur in “fresh” IVF cycle, the patient can return at a later time for transfer of the remaining embryos. An ultrasound assessment of the uterine lining is performed before the embryos are thawed, to make sure an adequate uterine environment is present. Usually about 75% of the frozen embryos survive the thawing process, but it can vary depending on the stage at which the embryos are frozen.

Sperm Freezing

In the past several decades the technology of cryopreservation, or maintaining life in a frozen state, has advanced considerably. With the use of modern techniques, cryopreservation of sperm to preserve an individual’s ability to reproduce has become successful, safe, and widely available.

High Risk Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy, Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma Anemia, Twins, Low Birth Weight Babies, Premature Delivery Recurrent Abortions, Previous Surgeries, Thyroid Problems.