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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services


Feather Care

Care During & After Pregnancy – We help you understand your body and the changes it goes through and after pregnancy. We indulge in exercises to help in a normal delivery and lessen the complications that come along with it. A part of the program also focuses on baby care.

PCO Clinic

Management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome through holistic approach lifestyle management, nutrition and exercises regime backed by expert medical care.

Fitness & Weight Management

Regain your best body in a guided program under our skilled Physical Therapist & a fitness expert.

JOINT CARE Program For Arthritis & TKR. THR Management

Our practice is one of the only physiotherapists in BHOPAL to offer both Gynaecological rehabilitation and general Physiotherapy services in the outpatient setting.

Our Aim :

We aim to provide world class physical therapy and reconditioning service both in terms of post-operative recovery and for management of most common conditions without surgery. With deep Clinical Assessment & management for all types of orthopedic, sports injuries, neurological, pediatric, and women health related issues, any kind of pains & aches you might have.

We Offer :

We provide wide range of specialized inpatient & outpatient physiotherapy treatment options which include Manual therapy, Electrical Modalities, Core stabilization, Strength and Conditioning and Active exercise programming.